14/08/2014 16:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Guy Will Never Get A Date Ever Again

Thor Lund, former student government president at the University of Texas at Austin has penned a pretty offensive blog post, claiming the only way to get a woman to tell the truth is to get her naked.

thor lund pens offensive blog post

The student, who usually blogs about being a vegan and training for a half marathon, explained that women lie all day long about their feelings, weight and friends' handbags, but when he gets a girl back to his place she'll "tell the truth about what she wants to do when she grows up, what her family is like, what her city is like and why she had that stupid oversized purse". Riiight.

Thor decided to take the time out of his day to explain girls to the entire internet on Wednesday. The post, entitled "What I've Learned About Women", has since been taken down but we've got some snippets for you right here...

This dude explains the only bits of a woman's body worth looking at. "There are only three places you should ever look at a woman," he wrote. Go on, enlighten us. "The first is her eyes, because you can tell if she is interested in you or not with the eyes.

"The second is her neck because it is the most sensitive part of her body and you want to check for an adam's apple. If she has one of those, she is most likely a man so you should avoid trying to sleep with her/him.

"The third and most important place you can look at a woman is her toes. Why? Because the toes tell all. If her feet are pretty and her nails are painted then you can assume the rest of her body is well groomed and cleaned. If she has gross feet, then chances are she has gross you know what and you will want to avoid that at all costs." It seems odd that a boy with such a strong opinion is scared of the word VAGINA!

The womaniser goes on to discuss how to win a girl round by acting like a child. "If you really like her, tell her you can't stand her," he states. "Confuse them. Honestly they deserve it, they have perplexed men since the beginning of time when they tricked us to eat the devil's food in the Garden of Eden. Give them a taste of their own medicine."

If you fancy reading more of this horrendously offensive blog, check out the cached version here.