14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Plastic Surgeon's Anti-Muffin Top Billboard Didn't Go Down Well

A billboard for Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery in Michigan, US, declaring "Friends don't let friends muffin top" was vandalised by people who are clearly didn't agree with the message.

The ad is thought to have been vandalised at some point between Saturday evening and Sunday morning when the surgery's slogan was crossed out and replaced with the words: "You're beautiful".

According to Elite Daily, office manager at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery Tammy Nelis called the situation "unfortunate," but others considered the ad's original message to be deplorable.

Many took to the company's Facebook page and dubbed the billboard as "fat-shaming", "unoriginal" and "hurtful".

One user wrote: "Good for you profiting on the insecurities of women," another added: "Friends don't prey on the low self esteem of other or degrade the natural beauty of the human body for profit."

In response to the wave of criticism the add received the company wrote: "Plastic surgery is not for everyone. This ad is not to offend anyone. It's simply to get people to chuckle. Try to see the lighter side of this ad."

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A recent study claimed that fat-shaming doesn't inspire anyone to change their habits and often leads to weight gain.

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