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Tina Hobley: My Teenager Thinks I'm A Mad Woman!

Tina Hobley: My teenager thinks I'm a mad woman!

Holby City actress and Celebrity Masterchef contestant Tina Hobley is mum to Isabella, 13, Olivia, four, and Orson, two. She talks to us about life with a teenager, the differences in parenting girls and boys, and why baby number four is absolutely not on the cards...

How is life with a teenage girl in the house?

Urgh! That's one way to put it. I felt like I lost her for two years in the build up, but I have her back now.


I did find it tough when she went into that 'teen' stage - it was almost like having a newborn again as I had no idea what was going on.


Of course I remember being a teenage girl, but everything is so different now with new, modern pressures. Isabella is in go-slow mode, and I feel like I'm always rushing her to get up, do her homework...everything!

There's a nine year gap between Isabella and Olivia, and then two years between her and Orson. Do they all get on?

Fabulously. Isabella is great with the little ones. She does moan at me when they go into her room and tinker with everything though. Having number three definitely changed things though - suddenly everything went up a gear!

Have you found many differences between raising the girls and Orson?

Absolutely. Before Orson our house was all pink and fluffy with nail varnish. He came out ready for action. Play fighting! Pirates! Rough and tumble! When I was pregnant with Orson I really thought he would be another girl, and I think my life would have been quieter for it! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now Isabella is a teenager, do you worry about the pressures put on young girls?

I do. We are incredibly lucky that she attends a fantastic school, and we have a very happy home life. My door is always open, we are very close, and I like to think we can talk about anything.

We're also a foodie house. She eats well, and knows how to look after herself. She's a runner so has a healthy balance of eating well, enjoying food, and keeping fit.

What are your thoughts on the advice from David Cameron's advisor about snooping on teenagers' emails and internet habits?

I don't pry or snoop on her texts and emails because I don't have to. We are close, I trust that she tells me everything, and she trusts me. It's all about a balance, which I'm happy to say we have.

How would you describe your parenting style?


Isabella would say I'm a mad woman! Rushing, busy, stressed. But that is coming from a teenager with a very slow pace of life.


She came back from a friend's house the other day and said how calm and relaxing it was.

But they don't have toddlers in the house! I like to think I'm open, honest and loving.

Tina Hobley: My teenager thinks I'm a mad woman!

What's your favourite thing about being a mum?

The love and cuddles I get from them. Orson says he loves me ALL the time, and gives me great big snogs!

What do you worry about most as a parent?

Having regrets, and missing out on life with my children. I am always worried about missing things, those special key moments which of course does happen sometimes when you're working. If I can't make something, for example a school play, my mum goes to support instead. Somehow we're always together as a family.

You're supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support Discounted Will Writing Service. What's it all about?

As a mum, I couldn't believe the stats that over half of adults don't have a will. I'm supporting the service because I want everyone to make a will, and get everything sorted.

Do it for your children if nothing else, that way if something did happen, everything is taken care of at a time when they will be suffering enough. The service from MacMillan is cheap, easy and takes no time at all. Get it done.

You spoke in the past about wanting to get your son Orson playing your character's on-screen son in Holby. Did that ever happen?

Unfortunately not. I would have loved it though. Sometimes I'm doing a scene and think 'oh I would love him to be here', but I think my stress levels would have been through the roof - think of the pressure if he was naughty!

Isabella has a different dad to Olivia and Orson (Tina is now married to Oliver Wheeler). What's your advice to mums and dads who are entering into step-families?

The number one rule is to think of the child. Whatever you're feeling, however difficult it might be, they have to be your number one priority. Our set-up is fabulous, everyone gets on and everyone is happy.

Would you like another baby or is your family complete?

Absolutely not! I've given back enough to the population with my three. We're very happy, but no more for us.

Tina Hobley is working with Macmillan Cancer Support to launch its new Discounted Will-Writing Service which helps people find a legal professional they can trust to write their will at a discounted cost. By offering this service Macmillan want to ensure that everyone is able to take care of their loved ones and favourite causes when they're gone. Gifts in wills make up more than a third of Macmillan Cancer Support's entire income - a gift in your will would help make sure that anyone affected by cancer in the future can have a Macmillan team in their corner.

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