14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

TK Maxx Casts "Normal People" In Its Latest Ads

American Apparel isn't the only retailer to break from the norm when it comes to advertising.

TK Maxx has announced it will use "real-life customers" to star in the Spring/Summer 2014 Me By Me campaign.

The discount store has picked eight UK shoppers to join 12 other people selected from across Europe to model pieces from the latest collection. The aim of this campaign? In a press release, the brand revealed it wanted to show "people are at their happiest and most confident when they are their true selves."

Which lucky shoppers have been chosen for the ad? Meet 62-year-old Olga - she's just one of the UK stars joining the line up.


Pia Sarkar (25), a "student and lover of 50s music and bright lipstick from Brixton" and Justina Bailey (28) "a graphic designer and self-confessed creative nerd with a quirky dress sense from London" were also chosen for the shoot (which just so happened to take place in Cape Town.)



So - would you rather see "normal" people in adverts rather than regular models? See all the pics from the Me By Me campaign here.

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