Toddler Gets Bowl Stuck On Her Head. Ow!

We've all seen the effects of a bad bowl haircut, but this toddler had more to worry about than a dodgy barnet when she got a bowl well and truly stuck on her head.

The two-year-old from China was playing at home when she placed the bowl innocently on her head like a helmet – as you do.

But the helmet-wearing heroine was left in a sticky situation when she couldn't get it off when play time came to an end.

Her mum – brilliantly – used cooking oil to try and ease the helmet off her daughter's head, but it wouldn't budge.

Firefighters were then called to help the little girl. They went to work with tools to cut the bowl open and free the child, who was unharmed after the incident in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

This bowl/helmet-wearing warrior isn't the first toddler who has been left in a sticky situation. Karime Nasser was freed by firefighters when he got his head stuck between railings outside school (classic), and toddler Kai Stevens had to be rescued when he got a toilet seat wedged around his neck.

The fire brigade was also called to help set him loo-se.

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