Toddler Killed By Her Own Dad In Tragic Car Accident

The funeral of a 16-month old girl who was accidentally killed by her dad in a car tragedy outside their home will take place tomorrow (Thursday).

Angel Pitts died after she was hit by the reversing vehicle in Leeds, West Yorkshire, earlier this month.

Toddler Angel had wandered out into the garden while her mother Megin was distracted by the family dog.

Angel ended up in the cul-de-sac as her dad, Scott Pitts, was leaving the home in the family car.

He failed to see her as he drove away, reversing over the little girl.

Despite desperate attempts by neighbours and paramedics to save her, Angel died a short time after arriving at Leeds General Infirmary.

Megin and Scott Pitts later released a statement regarding their daughter's funeral, inviting mourners to wear Disney clothes or animal onesies.

"Angel Jackie-Jean Pitts died aged 16 months.

"This was a tragic accident that her father did not see coming and could have never imagined it happening.

"We would like to thank everyone for their support at this tragic time.

"Her funeral will take place on Thursday, June 26, leaving from our house at one o'clock taking our last walk with her to Cottingley Cemetery where the ceremony will begin at two o'clock.

"We are hoping for people to be wearing animal onesies or Disney dress up, if not just bright colours.

"Anybody is welcome to pay their respects to her. Any donations are welcome, all to go to the Sweet Dreams charity that provides memory boxes at hospitals for parents that have lost a child."

A neighbour described the tragic event, which took place around 7.30pm on Saturday 14th June.

The neighbour said: "He [Scott Pitts] had nipped out on a quick errand on Saturday evening and realised mid-journey that he had forgotten something and had rushed back home.

"He'd opened the garden gate and the family dog ran out into the street.

"The mother came out trying to catch the dog, all her attention was on the dog.

"Nobody had seen that the little girl, who had just learned to walk, had come out of the gate as well and had wandered towards the rear of the car.

"Dad then came out of the house and reversed over the little girl."

Another neighbour said: "They are devastated. Even though it is an accident, the dad is blaming himself.

"It was horrendous, the other residents tried their best to help but there was nothing to be done to save her.

"She was a lovely 16-month-old girl who had just started to walk and wanted to explore the world."