Toddler Selfies

It seems like in the age of the selfie, even the youngest generation are a bunch of mini-narcissists. Many parents report flicking through their phone's photo album to find it full of wonky close-ups of their toddler.

The Huffington Post have put together a collection of the cutest and silliest 'toddler selfie mosaics' - albums full of self-portraits taken by the young photographers. Have a look at our favourites in the gallery below.

Some may find the 'toddler selfie' phenomenon disconcerting - after all, despairing columnists in the nation's newspapers frequently thunder about a generation of selfish, shallow and self-obsessed youngsters supposedly more concerned about their social media profile than their character.

But then again, humans have been in love with their own image since the dawn of time. In mythology, Narcissus famously gazed, transfixed, at his own reflection in a pond until he died.

And we've seen how isolated tribespeople are often utterly fascinated when visitors from the developed world show them photo and video cameras. When they see pictures or recordings of themselves on the screen, their delight seems to be instinctive.

We might shake our heads when we see toddlers wielding camera phones, or roll our eyes when their older brothers and sisters clog up their Facebook pages with endless snaps of their pouty poses. But it appears that love of seeing one's own face truly is a human instinct.