Toddler Strangled By Window Blind Cord While Playing Hide-And-Seek With Brother

A two-year-old died after she got stuck in window blind cord while playing hide and seek with her brother.

Danielle Hudson, 28, found her daughter Sophie Allen hanging with the beaded cord around her neck in her bedroom after her four-year-old son Jayden said his sister was stuck.

Despite efforts to revive her, Sophie was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma but tragically died five days later.

Danielle, from Sunderland, said: "My son came in and said 'Sophie's stuck' and pointed at the cupboard. I didn't understand what he meant and just thought she was hiding.

"Then he came back and said it again. I walked over to the window and saw a shadow behind the curtain.

"I pulled it open and she was hanging with the cord around her neck. I lifted her up and carried her downstairs and her dad Peter tried to do CPR, while I called for an ambulance."

Sophie was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital on Easter Monday, where staff worked for more than an hour to resuscitate her.

She was later transferred to Newcastle's Royal Infirmary where she was put in an induced coma and given an MRI scan.

This showed she had suffered brain damage and the next day a further test found she had no activity in her brain at all.

Danielle added: "They said that once they took her off the ventilator she would struggle to breathe eventually, and she died on Saturday morning at about 3.20am."

The mum-of-three is now warning other parents of the dangers of blinds in houses with young children.

She said: "Blinds are something that practically every household has. Just tie them out of the way, keep them out of reach of children, cut them or take them down altogether. Just make sure children have no access to them."

Danielle said her daughter was 'loving and happy, always smiling'.

Sophie is thought to have been the 29th person known to have been strangled in this way in the UK since 1999.

Last year 17-month-old Sophia Parslow died after she got her neck caught inside a beaded loop cord and fell over, cutting off her air supply.

An e-petition, which currently has almost 6,000 signatures, could force the issue to be debated in Parliament if it reaches 100,000 signatures.