Torn Between Two Lovers: Teen Girl Lists Boyfriends' Pros And Cons

Have you ever been torn between two lovers? And if so, how did you choose? And could you advise this girl on which boy she should opt for?

She certainly has her decision-making methodology all worked out, as this wonderful note illustrates: listing each of her suitors' Pros and Cons to help her stick or ditch.

The crumpled note, published on Imgur, compares the strengths and weaknesses of the popular girl's boyfriends 'Matt' and 'Chase'.

But who comes out top? Which boy would you choose for your teenage daughter? The 'cocky' lad or the 'a**hole'?

Here to help you decide on her behalf are each boy's Pros and Cons in the teen's own words.



• I love him

• Known him longer

• More comfortable (sic) around him

• feel safer with him

• like his family

• more to talk about.

And his Cons:

• family doesn't like him

• trust issues

• no job

• a**hole

And here's her assessment of Chase:


• I like him

• My family likes him

• Have fun with him

• Like his family

• whipped (!!) & does what I want

And his Cons:

• Rehab

• no phone

• no vehicle

• cocky.

Whichever boy she chooses, we can safely say she'll have landed one hell of a catch with either, not!