14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Troll Target Tragic Hannah Smith's Grieving 16-Year-Old Sister

Now trolls target tragic Hannah Smith's grieving 16-year-old sister

The sister of tragic Hannah Smith who killed herself after being cyber-bullied has now been targeted by internet trolls.

Grieving Jo Smith, 16, revealed how cowardly bullies targeted a Facebook tribute page for her sister, which had attracted 45,000 'likes' by yesterday.

One sick troll, calling herself Theresa Hudson, posted a video of Stranglers hit Hanging Around.

Another, Jake Williams, wrote: "Dumb s*** deserved it. Just turn off the computer, I'm happy she's dead.

"She had a better life than I did, friends, family, etc, yet she killed herself after a few words on, how pathetic."One user, based in Estonia, said: "Good that that b**** killed herself."

Another troll aimed abuse at David, posting: "The world doesn't revolve over your fallen daughter, get over it."

Now trolls target tragic Hannah Smith's grieving 16-year-old sister

More hate-filled messages were sent to Jo's page on the social network site as well as her personal inbox – one even blaming dad David's parenting skills for his daughter's death.

Jo said: "I've just lost my sister and now I've got to deal with getting abuse myself. These trolls don't care what happened to Hannah or what we're going through, they just live in their sad little worlds.

"It's really upsetting. I'm struggling to cope with what's happened and don't need these trolls hounding me.

"My dad says I've got to stay strong and ignore the comments, which is what I'm trying to do, but it's still hard. Hannah was a beautiful person and so full of life and love. She was always singing and generally going about being happy. She lit up the place."

Hannah hanged herself last Friday after being bullied on popular website by vicious trolls who told her to 'go and die'.

The sisters' dad, David, 45, from Lutterworth, Leics, added: "It defies belief. We're grieving and yet people still think it's funny to send these messages. Even after her death Hannah can't escape these bullies. And now they target Jo.

"What kind of sick individual sends a cruel message to a 16-year-old who has just found her sister's body hanging in her bedroom?"

David has called on David Cameron to take action against such sites.

He said: "Websites like this are bullying because people can be anonymous. If I hadn't spoken up another teenager could be dead next week. and sites like it are making millions out of people's misery and it is wrong.

"I appeal to David Cameron as a Prime Minister and a father to look at what happened to Hannah. He needs to make sure these sites are properly regulated so bullying of vulnerable people like my daughter cannot take place.

"Hannah was bubbly, happy. She was a normal teenager. We never expected this."