14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Two Headed Baby Born In India

Two headed baby born in India

A boy has been born in India with two heads.

CBS reports that the infant is a conjoined dicephalic parapagus twin, a rare condition which more commonly affects girls, often causing them to be stillborn.

The little boy reportedly has two nervous systems but only one rib cage and shoulder girdle. His two backbones are fused at the pelvis, and doctors say he needs further tests to see if he has other conjoined organs.

He is being cared for at the J K Lone Hospital in Jaipur City. The Daily Mail reports his medical team there are confident he will survive despite the seriousness of his condition.

In 2011, a Brazillian woman gave birth to conjoined twins - the second such birth in Brazil that year. Her doctors did not plan to separate the babies. In February 2004, a baby was born in the Dominican republic with two heads. The BBC reported at the time that the little girl - Rebeca Martinez - initially came through an 11-hour operation to remove the live head of her partially-formed twin, but later died from surgery-related complications.

The Hensel twins, Brittany and Abigail are a famous example of conjoined children who have survived into young adulthood – they shared their story on the TLC reality TV series 'Abby & Brittany', and showed how they live independent and fulfilled lives despite sharing a liver, large intestine and colon, three kidneys, one bladder, one set of reproductive organs, one pelvis and two legs.