Uh-Oh! These Kids Are In Trouble...

These hilarious pictures from Imgur show little devils caught red-handed wreaking havoc.

Anyone with a toddler has their fair share of horror stories - drawing on the walls, flooding the bathroom, crawling out of the cat flap - but these kids take it to another level. Be warned: if you've been the parent of a small child, these pictures might trigger some stressful flashbacks!

Most parents can remember their beloved offspring trying to colour in the bedroom wall with crayons, for instance - but imagine being the parent who walked into the living room to find their kids have managed to cover not only themselves in white paint, but also the floor, sofa and TV!

Another toddler shows he hasn't quite grasped how you're meant to eat crisps, calmly watching telly with a pile of crisps over his lap and legs while the empty packet lies next to him.

As for the little boy standing in front of a cracked TV screen, you've got to hand it to his mum or dad for having enough of a sense of humour to immortalise the moment with a hilarious picture of the offender with a guilty hand over his mouth.

You may be left pulling your hair out at your own toddler's hijinks, but it's impossible to stay angry once they turn on the puppy-dog eyes and the wobbly lip.

All you can really do is try and prevent the disasters from happening in the first place. But how? One commenter has some sage advice for parents of small children: 'If there is more than five seconds of silence, check to see what they're destroying'.

The little adventurers in the photos below might be creating some serious mayhem, but you can't help but laugh (mostly because they're not your kids!).