14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Um... Lady Gaga, Where Are Your Clothes?

Hmmm, how to grab back some attention when you've been out of the limelight for a little while? Ding ding ding! Step out to a famous gay club wearing nothing but ripped shorts, a bra and kinky boots.

That seemed to be Lady Gaga's master plan this weekend anyway as she headed out to The Abbey club in West Hollywood wearing pretty much zilch at the weekend.

Um... Lady Gaga, Where Are Your Clothes?

Gaga reportedly bopped away to her own song and spent around 10 minutes at the club before heading back out again.

She's been trying to work up a buzz around the upcoming release of the first single (Applause) from her new album (ARTPOP) on 19 August.

And wearing no clothes is always going to turn some heads, right?

See more weird and wacky Gaga style below: