14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Uncle-To-Be Prince Harry Gets Nappy-Changing Practice!

With Kate Middleton's due date fast-approaching, uncle-to-be Prince Harry has been getting baby-duty practice in.

He was given the task of changing a doll's nappy on a visit to the Headway brain injury charity in Nottingham, and took to it with great enthusiasm (albeit with very little skill!).

Harry was visiting Headway to officially open the charity's new headquarters. He was tasked with changing a nappy with just one hand so he could experience the effects brain injuries can have on everyday life.

Harry struggled to fasten both sides of the nappy - which was on a Baby Born doll - with one hand, just as dad Dominic Hurley had to when he suffered a brain injury before his daughter was born. At point Harry used one of the doll's legs to turn it over!

Uncle-to-be Prince Harry gets nappy-changing practice!

Getting slightly flustered, Harry joked: "This is exactly how my brother is going to be! All the mothers will be saying 'don't let him near the children!'"

Dominic lost the feeling down one side of his body following the accident and had to change his daughter Nina's nappy with one hand.

"I think he did a brilliant job, especially as it was the first time he had tried it," he said of the Prince's efforts.

Bravo, Harry!