14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Victoria Beckham And David Beckham: What It's Actually Like To Live Next Door To Them

As far as we're concerned the Beckham family would be dream neighbours. Victoria on hand for fashion advice, David for a bit of eye-candy and perfect playmates for the kids in the form of Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.


And it seems our estimations aren't far off if a feature by their former neighbour is anything to go by.

Adrian Weale, who lived two doors down from the Beckham clan just over a year ago, while they lived in his street before relocating to their more permanent London residence in Kensington, has shared his stories with The Daily Mail.

And thanks to him, here's what we've learned about calling David, Posh and their kids "neighbour"...

As you'd expect, the whole clan are great sports: "Ever since my own children were small, they and the other local kids have played football and cricket outside in the road.

"Last year was no different, except the gaggle of kids playing together now included Romeo and Cruz Beckham - 11 and eight - occasionally 14-year-old Brooklyn and sometimes their dad, too."

And little Harper is just as adorable as she looks, not to mention, already mindful of safety: "Baby Harper normally opted for a more sedate role [...] pushing herself around on a three-wheel scooter, carefully protected by an oversized helmet I suspect she had borrowed from one of her brothers."

Just as we suspected, David is a total charmer: "David didn't even complain when our new ten-week-old bull terrier puppy bit him. He said to the little monster: 'Aren't you sweet?' before it nipped his hand and jumped up to lick his face."

Apparently Victoria is more glossy than you'd expect: "Victoria Beckham is a wonder to behold: always beautifully turned out and so glossy and shiny I'm convinced she must be visible from space."

And she does smile AND mean it: "I can refute the myth that she never smiles; she does."

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