14/08/2014 12:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Vogue Has Given Exercise Advice To Women Attending The Met Gala (You'll Be Thankful You're Not Going)

Each year, the biggest names in music, film and fashion pose in the best array of couture gowns ever seen on one red carpet for New York's Met Gala. And if you've got a thing for dreamy dresses, you probably always end up wishing you could have joined the A-list at the most exclusive party of the year too.

However, this latest Met Gala news might make you feel better about not getting an invite.

Vogue has published exercise advice to those women who will be walking down the red carpet this year. Really.

Woman practicing yoga in living room

The Met Gala 2014 will celebrate mid-century couturier Charles James which means, as Vogue puts it, "You need serious stamina to pull off an oversize frock."

And stamina isn't all that's required. In an article titled 'The Heavy Dress Workout,' the fashion magazine goes on to discuss why "the right silhouette" is also essential.

"Major gowns require a toned arm (slender but not too muscular, or it will throw off the whole look), a beautiful back (imperative for strapless or sweetheart necklines) and proper posture (slumping in a dress that took months to make just feels wrong)," explains Vogue.

So - what should Met Gala attendees be doing in the run up to the big event?

Celebrity trainer David Kirsch says it's all about improving "core strength" while Casey Schwab recommends practising the perfect posture.

"The way you carry yourself can completely alter the way you look in an evening gown," Schwab tells the magazine. This means it's necessary to "engage your [abs] all day," before walking through the doors of the Met museum, in order to arrive with a certain presence.

Suddenly, staying at home and eating ice cream in front of the TV in anything but a ball gown doesn't seem too bad after all.

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