14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Want Better Skin? Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Detox

Did you start 2014 with a promise to improve your diet and exercise more? Even with the best intentions, it's likely at least one of your resolutions will have floundered now we're half way through the year.

Instead of setting a brand new list of aims, detoxing can be a more effective way of perking yourself up. Yes, it helps with weight loss and boosting your mood, but a detox is also brilliant for restoring the skin.


"A 'half-way overhaul' mid-year is a great idea, we should all put it into our diaries!" London-based doctor and dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams told us.

"Are we still on track? Could we improve anything in our lifestyle habits to improve ourselves? Lifestyle habits such as our diet and stress levels have a major impact on not only how well our skin ages but also how long we are likely to live."
Dr Williams also explained how skin health is good way of determining general wellbeing.

"How our skin looks is often a reflection on how good our general health is," she says. "Scientific evidence has confirmed that perceived age is a good estimate of this. Studies have also shown that the younger we look, the more likely we are to live a long life."

So what does a skin detox actually involve? Cutting down on the usual breakout culprits is a good start.

"Avoid foods containing sugar and greatly reduce intake of foods which your body turns into sugar (i.e. starch based foods)," says Dr Williams.

"Try to incorporate good fats (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and nuts) and lots and lots of antioxidant rich vegetables on a daily basis. And don't forget your daily portion of protein, which contains the building blocks of our skin's collagen and other important proteins."

Want to give the mid-year detox a try? Even if you've got a sweet tooth, try adding these skin-nourishing foods to your diet...