14/08/2014 16:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Wardrobe Malfunction! Miley Cyrus' Look For Night Out With Pixie Geldof

When you're doing that swooping into London from LA thing, getting your going out ensemble down to a Tee is key. Especially if you're Miley Cyrus AND you're headed for The Box. Whilst her tomboy style has been pretty passable of late - this look was a little, well, weird.

On first look, the black top over white shirt and denim thing is all well and good but then you're drawn to the oversized shirt sleeves, the barely there shorts and the black heels with gold motif. Hmmm, nope not feeling it.

If only Miley had taken style stock from that all-too-cool Pixie Geldof girl and played it low key with a strappy top, jeans and bright pink wedges.


That's right, Nicole Scherzinger wasn't the only girl partying with Miley Saturday night - Pixie joined the celebrity clique for a night out at The Box in Soho (where the cocktails are fresh and the vibe oh-so-over-the-top). Looks like they both needed a helping hand leaving the club, it's cool though - everyone knows what happens in The Box...

Let's be honest, Miley has had a pretty HUGE style overhaul - can you even remember that Hannah Montana girly girl? She's all grown up and owning her own edgy look, but here's a glance back at Miley from way back when...