14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wedding Ideas: Something Blue For Your Big Day

It's usually a detail you start to ponder when your wedding is just round the corner. What will be your something blue? Will it be a prominent feature, a subtle accessory or a slip of lace only for the eyes of your husband-to-be?

Whatever your style, it should be something special that forever resides in your possession so that every time you see it, memories of the morning before you walk down the aisle come flooding back.

Kate Moss had her boyfriend Jamie Hince's suit, but if you can't persuade your fiancé to go for a sweet two-piece, we've got a few ideas just for you. Ten to be precise.

Before flicking through our edit of very beautiful blue bridal accessories, here's what your something blue SHOULDN'T be:

1. Eyeshadow. You'll regret it. Blue eyeshadow is, and always will be, Eighties. Not even people in the Eighties wanted to look Eighties on their wedding day.

2. A pet. Yes, some people do dress up dogs and like for their wedding day. Don't be that girl.

3. Your veil. Blue veils exist and listen, honestly, they're too much (unless your Dolly Parton, in which case you can do all of these things and it's completely fine).