14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Wedding Receptions: Five Things That Happen When You're An Evening Guest At A Wedding

You've had a wedding invite in the post! Exciting stuff. But hold on a second, what's this? You're only allowed to come along for the evening. Every reasonable bone in your body is forgotten and you're left with one massive dilemma.

Yeah, it's the bride and groom's big day, but don't you deserve to see the "I do" bit? And dinner? Here's the honest truth about being an evening guest at a wedding...

evening wedding guest

1. You seriously consider sacking it off. Alright, alright - you understand there simply wasn't enough space in the church to accommodate little insignificant you. But buying a new frock, getting a train and spending a night in a Travel Lodge for the evening do of your boyfriend's brother's ex wife's daughter's wedding isn't the most appealing of plans. Plus it means booking a day's holiday off work. Urrrgggghhh! You were totally gonna use that to catch up with Game Of Thrones.

2. Your social anxiety levels are at an all time high. So you decide to go, cue panic attack. Let's face it, the most probable reason you're a mere evening guest is because you know less than 2% of the congregation. If you knew all these people properly you'd have been an attendee at the actual day time wedding bit. Making new friends for one night only, brilliant.

3. But on the plus side it's easier to dress for the occasion. The main upside to the evening guest situ is you don't have to worry about whether your shoes are suitable for both day and night, or if your dress is too short for church. You can wear a shitload of eyeliner, safe in the knowledge it's not "too much".

4. You prop up the bar. The only way to deal with this scenario is to get blind drunk. Especially if the booze is free. If Deborah and Greg didn't want to share their magical ceremony with you, that's fine... You'll just drink them dry.

5. A gift? Are you kidding me? You don't even know the bride. You hover in the cookware section of BHS weighing up whether you should buy a wedding present or not (they were cheeky kind enough to send you a list, after all). It takes you approximately 30 seconds to make up your mind. And it's a no.

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