14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wedding Videos: Mine Will Be Oscar-Worthy

Our bride-to-be blogger Claire Adams is getting married in four months and in her search for a good videographer, she has become OBSESSED with watching wedding videos...

To date, my friend Rich has filmed and edited wedding videos for three of our friends. Each one was an amazing, heart-warming, joyful four minutes to behold. I'd maybe call him a wedding video genius.

So imagine my disappointment/surprise/fury/panic when Rich announced he'd be on his honeymoon on my wedding day. Some bloody people.


The thing is, the part of the process is a really big deal to me. A good wedding video is as important as the photography. So, recently I decided to shelve sorting out the name settings and table plan to find someone who can fill the Rich-shaped hole now vacant behind the camera.

One of my bridesmaids, who got married a couple of years ago, admitted to me that she had found herself getting quite addicted to watching other people's wedding videos. Not because of the moving memories of friends or family but those of complete strangers that she'd come across online. Back then, I vaguely nodded in agreement assuming that this weirdness was all part of her bride-to-be meltdown. Now I know exactly what she means.

However, since my search for the perfect videographer began I think I have watched around 60 videos of complete strangers getting married (and that's putting it lightly to save a little face).

At home after work, at work during lunch, visiting my parents after dinner... And I'm not content with watching them on my own. I practically force anyone around me to watch the three, six and sometimes even 10 minute videos. It's becoming, er, a bit of a problem,

While watching a snapshot of another couple's life allows me to sample the type of video I can have, it also means I can start to compare weddings (even though mine is all in my head at this stage anyway).

Melanie and Peter from Birmingham had some delightful floral displays - is this what we should consider? Nancy and Ralph decided on a very creative table plan which looked incredible, maybe I should have a Google.... Wow look at Hannah's dress, did I make the right choice? It is a dangerous addiction and one I need to quickly curb.

Cost is also a big factor. Some of the companies I've come across price their time as an Oscar winning cameraman would. In fact, one claimed to be an award-winner in the film making industry. Amazing! Although slightly over the top.

Thankfully I've recently found a small company based in Sheffield called One Wedding. I watched a few of their videos online and immediately liked their style of editing and the footage they used. Plus they were very friendly and pretty reasonably priced which ultimately, is key. For me a great video is all about the looks and laughs of the bride, groom and guests that you would usually never notice on the day, compressed down into a few minutes and accompanied with the perfect soundtrack.

Plus - their video was the only one my fiancé Lee stayed interested in watching for more than 20 seconds. That's got to count for something, right?

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