14/08/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Weight Lifting Mum Delivers Her Own Baby - Three Weeks Late!

Weight lifting mum delivers her own baby - three weeks late!

The controversial mum who caused a stir by weight lifting up to – and beyond – her new baby's due date has given birth to a boy.

Lea Ann Ellison had a water birth at home in California. Baby Skyler Ellison was three weeks late.

Writing on her hugely popular Facebook page, just minutes after she gave birth, Lea Ann said: "What can I say? There are no words to describe what it feels like bringing a life into the world in the most gentle way I could imagine.

"Skyler Ellison was born gently into my own hands at home in the water at 3:44 pm. Haven't weighed him or measured yet as he hasn't left my arms. Thank you in advance for your well wishes."

Cross-Fit training fan Lea Ann hit the headlines when photos came to light of her lifting heavy weights over her head when she was eight months' pregnant.

The photos were so amazing that the moment they were uploaded to her gym's Facebook page, they went viral, with some observers saying the 35-year-old mother-of-two from Los Angeles was risking losing her baby, and others branding her 'a disgrace' and the photos as 'sickening'.

But in an interview with Parentdish, stay-at-home mum Lea-Ann, who has two other children, aged 12 and eight, defended the 'kick-ass photo of me doing an overhead squat' and attacked her critics for spouting 'garbage' about pregnant women exercising.

She said: "People will always talk negatively about something they don't understand. I am OK with that and it seems like the most ignorant people have the loudest mouths.

"Fitness begins early and pregnancy is not an illness. Mums need to quit being suppressed into a weaker role and take their health back.

"Labour is a huge task on a mother's body and there is no better time to be strong than in preparation for childbirth - especially if your goal is a natural drug-free birth.

"I have had two drug-free births with my first at a birthing centre and my last a home water birth. I plan a home water birth for my upcoming baby."

Over the last few weeks, Lea Ann has been keeping her 1,391 Facebook followers updated with progress reports on Skyler's pending arrival.

A week ago she posted a selfie of her stroking her huge bump with the message: "Ok Skyler. I see who is running this show..... We are all ready but it's up to you my love...."

But Skyler was in no mood to move from the warmth of his mum's belly – until now.

We wish mother and baby all the very best. Many congratulations!

Lea Ann has since shown off her 'perfect' daughter Skyler.