14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

Does anyone actually drink tea anymore? We don't think so. It's all about coffee.

Whether it be a penchant for frappuccinos or an unquenchable thirst for soy lattes, we're necking the hot stuff like it's going out of fashion. But what does your choice of java say about you?

tom hanks in big


You are... a teenager, young at heart or free in spirit who doesn't let silly things like changing seasons and biting cold dictate your beverage choices.

Why: You're essentially that kid from Big. You think everything tastes better through a straw. You secretly hate coffee and would much rather drink a milkshake. But you're desperate to be a real grown up - so much so that you'd spend the best part of a fiver on a frappe and use up all your will power saying "no thank you" when the barista asks if you'd like cream on top.

bridget jones' diary


You... have been awake for longer than you can remember, you're a city worker or writing a dissertation or Italian

Why: You bloody love coffee. You scoff at weaklings who get the shakes after a mere mug of instant. You're not shy of doubling or even tripling your shot - coffee is a beast and you've tamed it. You've counted every crack, cobweb and uneven stroke of paint on your bedroom ceiling when trying and failing to fall asleep. But that's okay, you think with more than a smudge of superiority, you'll sleep when you're dead/ when all the coffee in the world ever runs out.

meryl streep in the devil wears prada


You... have been drinking coffee since before it was fashionable. You're a purist (and probably a bit health conscious). People who drink lattes terrify you.

Why: Watery coffee is your idea of heaven. Who needs milk when you can just add more water? You would probably enjoy an espresso but you prefer to sip on your coffee, not just knock it back as if it were tequila. You probably don't ever fetch your own coffee but have your PA pick one up for you while they drop off your dry cleaning and walk your dog (okay, now we're just talking about Devil Wears Prada. Sorry!).

my big fat greek wedding


You are... a super-organised working gal with a penchant for midi heels, pencil skirts and point-by-point itineraries. You always order dessert.

Why: You've got a bit of a sweet tooth and you're totally down with anything that comes with a light chocolate dusting. Sometimes you're tempted to order something off the wall like an extra hot chai latte with rice milk, but you never do. Fads come and go - cappuccinos are forever.

mary-kate olsen


You are... a hippy, a hipster or Mary-Kate Olsen

Why: You like to think you're a little alternative and stray away from the beaten cows milk track. Either that or you're one half of the Olsen twins who reportedly popped into her local Starbucks and ordered a soy latte on Christmas day last year. If you're not an Olsen, you've probably been trying to dress like Mary-Kate since 2007.


You... should probably be in a bar

Why: You really just want a whisky.