14/08/2014 16:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What's Your Danger Drink? (Hint: It's The One That Makes You A Teeny Bit Mental)

We all have our alcohol achilles' heel: the drink makes us floppy, mad, angry or a bit mental. What's yours? Anna Hart on how to identify your danger drink...

I love red wine. In fact, my love of red wine has even taught me to love winter, for tis the season of red wine. But red wine doesn't love me back. Because although other drinks - vodka sodas, martinis, ciders - make me witty, charming and a better dancer, red wine just makes me DRUNK. As in, DrinkAware-advert drunk.

Three small glasses and I'm floppy, slurring and fit for nothing but bed. Red wine is my danger drink, and I can really only order it if I know I'll be at home on the sofa within 90 minutes. Talking to friends, I've learned we all have our drinking strengths (even superpowers) and weaknesses, our "safe spirits" and our "danger drinks". Below are listed some common danger drinks, and their evil outcomes. If any of this sounds familiar, it's time to find a new cocktail...

White Wine Madness
You love the way the words "Pinot Grigio" and "Viognier" roll off the tongue. You don't love the way the crazy raging texts roll out of your phone and into your ex's. At 3am.

Beer Booziness
A post-work beer at the pub is fine, until you have three. After that, it becomes really, really hard to balance equally on both feet and not sway into your boss's ribcage. Something is obviously wrong, because you've only had 2.5 beers! You really must get your legs measured and check they're the same length. Again.

Tequila Dancing
Tequila is amazing! Why don't you drink it more often? Tequila is verily the coffee of the night! Sadly tequila is also a minx; it will give you the best night of your life right up to the point where it starts to give you the worst night of your life.

The Cider Fog
Your day started out all crisp and joyful in the beer garden, but now you're starving, dehydrated and you don't know whether it's time for lunch or dinner. Also you quite want to call a taxi but you can't remember any numbers. Apart from 999.

Whisky Rage
Drinking whisky makes you feel a little bit James Bond, and a little bit rock'n'roll. Until your friends can't decide where to go next from the pub and you hurl their coats onto the floor and shriek "Can someone JUST make a decision?" It turns out they can. And their decision is to put you in a taxi.

Red Wine Floppiness
You're SO French! You're SO getting your antioxidants! Hmm, now you have a bit of a headache. You're desperate for some sparkling water from the bar, but your stupid knees can't be bothered straightening. Your mouth tastes like bin juice. Can someone send a taxi, with water and crisps? Thanks.

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