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Whatever Happened To... The Cast Of The OC

The OC kept us mightily entertained from 2003-2007, but since filming came to an end the cast have enjoyed varying degrees of success.

While a few have vanished into obscurity, others have actually managed to make it proper. From Ryan's Chino girlfriend to Seth's mum and dad, here's what they've been up to.

1. Marissa Cooper aka Mischa Barton, 27
Since her dramatic car crash death exit from The OC Marissa Mischa has been in her fair share of flicks, launched a clothing line, got arrested AND been sectioned.

In 2009, after visiting the doctors with a tooth ache Mischa was held under involuntary confinement as she was deemed to be a danger to herself and others. She later said of the incident: "If they feel you are depressed or a danger to yourself they can hold you on a 5150. I am terrified of needles and they wanted to pump me full of drugs and I said, 'No, absolutely not. I don't want to be here,' and got into a fight with the nurses."

In more recent year's she's have pulled it together, launching her flagship boutique in London's Spitalfields Market in 2012.

2. Ryan Atwood aka Benjamin McKenzie, 35
We haven't seen much of Ben since he said goodbye to The OC. However - he's set to star in the upcoming movie How To Make Love Like An Englishman alongside Hollywood big dogs Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek.

Interestingly he's on Instagram, but at the time of writing, he'd only posted one picture... of Jessica Alba on a beach. Weird. It seems Ben's a bit of an enigma but we do know he adopted a rescue dog found by a friend in 2007. It was a brown and white pit bull and he named it Oscar, after a character from The Odd Couple. Moving swiftly on...

3. Seth Cohen aka Adam Brody, 34
Adam Brody - also known as the man of our dreams - has enjoyed far greater success than his co-star Ben. After the show wrapped, he landed himself the lead role in the flick In The Land Of Women alongside Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. Since then he's been in a succession of silver screen films and proposed to his girlfriend actor Leighton Meester AKA Blair actual Waldorf. Cute!

Adam currently lives in LA and admitted when he moved to Hollywood he became "more nerdy" and embraced his "neurotic side". *Swoons unnecessarily*.

4. Summer Roberts aka Rachel Bilson, 32
Rachel Bilson is big in the telly sit-com game these days and even has her very own show, Hart Of Dixie. Her relationship with cast-mate Adam Brody ended just at The OC finished and has been dating Star Wars, er, star Hayden Christensen ever since.

Despite claiming her body was "sacred" and "not there for the whole world to see", Bilson stripped off for Maxim magazine while she was still Summer Roberts. In 2009 she became the unwitting target of the Bling Ring - a group of LA teens made famous for stealing from the homes of celebrities - who burgled her home on a handful of occasions.

5. Sandy Cohen aka Peter Gallagher, 58
The first thing you should know about Peter Gallagher is he has his own website! Although it's so poorly made we're starting to think it might be some sort of dedicated fan's attempt at stealing his identity.

Anyway, these days Pete keeps himself busy acting for film and telly, singing and starring on Broadway. He's got a wife, Paula Harwood, who he married in 1983 and two children. Also, his magnificent eyebrows are still thriving. That's about it. Yup.

6. Kirsten Cohen aka Kelly Rowan, 48
Kelly is another one of those TV actresses who hasn't really been up to much. She's guest starred in a bunch of US shows we've never heard of (sorry Kelly) and made headlines when she broke off her engagement to Baron David Thomson just before she gave birth to their daughter in April 2008.

7. Theresa Diaz aka Navi Rawat, 36
We're really starting to doubt whether you can really enjoy success after appearing on The OC. Post the show, Ryan's Chino girlfriend Theresa stripped for Maxim and then became a spokeswoman for kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures company Moen. Glam.

In 2012 she got hitched actor Nick Nolte's son Brawley in Tahiti.

8. Trey Atwood 0.1 aka Bradley Stryker, 36
According to the internet Bradley is an award-winning flimmaker and a certified personal trainer. That's pretty much all we know... But my, my, my doesn't he look different?

9. Trey Atwood 0.2 aka Logan Marshall-Green, 37
The second guy who played Ryan's brother is having a great time! You may recognise this face from Prometheus... Or As I Lay Dying with James Franco? This guy has managed to make the transition from TV to the big screen, a feat which deserves applause in itself. He's engaged to 49-year-old actress Marisa Tomei and they're set to get hitched any day now.

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