14/08/2014 12:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

When &Amp; When Not To Sign Off With Digital Kisses?

When it comes to the matter of digital over and outs, goodbyes and sign offs - knowing when and when NOT to leave a kiss is a big deal. Not following standard etiquette rules can leave you looking over-friendly, desperate, and just plain unprofessional. Nobody wants that.

To avoid all of the above and those awkward moments when liaising with a colleague over email (who says "yours sincerely" anymore?) needs to be handled with smooth demeanour. We spoke to etiquette specialist William Hanson to get the low-down on the right times to digital kiss.

William says the rules are pretty straightforward: "If you'd kiss the person in real life, then put a digital kiss on the end of the text, tweet or email." Voila, makes sense right?

So does that mean that digital kissing comes after a certain period of time? "Often yes, just like social kissing, we hold it back until we know the person a little better. A social kiss is an intimate thing that is not to shared with a stranger and I see no reason why a digital kiss should be any different."

"Like social kissing, follow the conventions. In Britain we now kiss twice (although older generations kiss once), so xx is fine or just x. In Holland they kiss three times and so you could be forgiven for putting xxx – if you are Dutch or emailing whilst in Amsterdam!"

We've outlined a few pointers to follow when in a do I, don't I sign out with a kiss situ...

1. Work emails
It's not personal, it's business - keep it that way. Ok so you've got banter with work colleagues but keep it to around the water cooler. If you're crushing on a suit in the office then definitely avoid digital kissing. Really, really not cool. This will happen, guaranteed...


2. Text messages
You've got their number ERGO you're on digital kissing territory. If it's someone from work - say a girl you're meeting for Thursday cocktails, signing off with a kiss is just polite - do it.

If it's a matter of texting THAT guy you've been out with a couple of times - less is more, you're full of intrigue and mystique (read: one kiss only and always lower case.) Do not attempt "I'm breezy" a la Monica Geller.


3. Instant messages
Often used to communicate urgent information in the workplace when a) you need SOMEONE from ___ department to sort out that spreadsheet, b) there's MAJOR gossip doing the rounds or, c) you've just found an epic Jimmy Fallon vid that your mate in HR will SO appreciate. It's for speed, not for kissing.


4. Twitter
With just 140 characters to do your thang, digital kissing over Twitter means you're filling space or you're a D-list celeb doing that "Night tweeps xxx" thing, which is so cringe worthy you will lose ALL social standing. Don't do it, ever.