14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

When Does Scandal Series Three Start In The UK?

Scandal series three will air on Sky Living this summer, instead of on More4 where the previous two series have been broadcast in the UK.

Sky announced it had acquired the rights to the show, starring Kerry Washington, earlier this month making fans of the Washington-set political drama very happy after they were facing the prospect of no more racy White House drama when More4 dropped it.

Scandal kerry washington series three

So why you should watch it? I could literally bang on about this show for thousands of words - that's how good it is. But as this would be a tad self-indulgent, here's three reasons.

1. Kerry Washington as main character Olivia Pope. Seriously, Scandal is Washington's finest hour. If you've only seen her in Django Unchained, believe me, this was a tremendous waste of her talent. She can do SO much more than play someone's wife. As Olivia Pope, she's a fixer for the rich and politically powerful in Washington which basically means when they get into a scrape that could potentially ruin them, she makes it go away. Oh, and she's also having an affair with the President who's super mean to his wife because he wants to run away with Pope. But he can't, because she, er, fixed the election that won him the White House and thus won't allow him to just sack it off. Phew, it's complicated but not in a argh-quantum-physics way, more in a wow-this-is-blowing-my-MIND way.

2. The gladiators. Pope has a team of people who work for her firm and will basically do anything for her, no questions asked. These are her gladiators and when things are getting a bit heavy between her and the President, they can be relied upon to say something funny or do something distracting and dastardly.

3. Tony Goldwyn as The President, Fitz. I can't explain it, but he's just really handsome despite having no eyebrow hair whatsoever. Or maybe it's just super pale - I don't know. Either way, usually this would ruin a person's aesthetic but somehow he pulls it off and is completely fanciable. Also, even though he's totally screwing over his wife Mellie, you don't hate him because she's just using him to become powerful anyway. Interestingly, he's the President of the United actual States but has the least power of anyone in the show. God, it's clever. Watch it, I'm begging you.