14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

When Is Easter 2014? Three Reasons To Look Forward To The Bank Holiday Weekend

Easter 2014 is on April 20th. We know - how is it nearly that time already? Feels like just minutes ago we were unwrapping our Christmas presents...

Easter is a strange holiday once you're a grown-up. Unless you're religious and celebrating it traditionally, the chances are you'll be making the most of the fact it gives us a two bank holidays (woohoo!) and spending it in a beer garden/hungover.

Easter 2014

But Easter deserves more applause, no matter how much you had to drink the night before. Here's three good reasons to look forward to April 20th:

1. Easter means winter is officially over. Even if it's freezing outside and you're still wearing mittens, it's spring! It's round about this time the days truly begin to get longer, people start talking about festivals and holiday-booking commences. Hurrah! Essentially, Easter heralds the fact those grim grey days of post-Christmas are behind us. Life is rosy again. Joy.

2. It's the reason for the first bank holidays of the year. We've already mentioned this but listen, who isn't feeling they could really do with a day off? Wonderfully, Easter gives us two - one for Good Friday and one for Easter Monday. Four whole days off in total - that's substantial. You could spend the entire thing blitzed on Pimms, go away for a mini break, successfully catch up on Games of Thrones series one to three, have a party and actually have time to recover. Honestly, this is the weekend where good times - the best of times - can happen.

3. It's the only holiday you're actively encouraged to eat chocolate. And that's quite nice.

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