14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

When Is Father's Day 2014? Three Reasons It's A Great Day

Father's Day 2014 is on June 15 and traditionally falls on the third Sunday of every June.

While we all tend to get a bit stressed about Mother's Day, this is the more laid-back of the two parental celebration holidays. It's like Easter to Christmas, wearing flats to wearing heels.

Mums tend to have reasonably high expectations of being made to feel special on their day but dads hide from the attention and gruffly give out hugs before changing the subject.

The Cosby Show Cliff Huxtable

Planning on hanging out with your Pa on June 15th? Here's three reasons to look forward to it...

1. It requires no planning. You could turn up in last night's clubbing outfit, reeking of vodka and your dad will neither care or notice. In fact, he'll most likely retreat to the garden/television where you'll talk for five minutes and then fall asleep.

2. Presents will be appreciated even if they make absolutely no sense. My friend got her dad a captain's hat one year apropos of nothing. He doesn't sail or even fish. In fact, I've witnessed no seafaring or intent to seafare from him. But good man that he is, put on the hat and strolled off to the pub. Father's Day presents can be found in the fanciest places as well as the humblest, like corner shops and your car, for example.

3. It's summer which somehow just makes it easier. You could go to the park with a frisbee or hit your local beer garden for a few sly shandies. And the best part? He'd bloody love it.

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