Where Will Prince George Go To School?

The question of where the youngest royal will go to school might seen a bit like jumping the gun, given that Prince George isn't even a year old yet.

However, you may be surprised to know that Prince William and Kate might need to start considering their options early.

When it comes to the most competitive private schools, parents are clamouring to register their children as early as possible, even for nursery places.

At William's old alma mater, Eton College, it was once even permitted to enroll a future pupil from birth to guarantee their place among the elite.

The phenomenon is not unknown in the state sector either. Back in 2005, the Moors family made headlines when they signed their daughter Rhea up for the popular local primary school just two hours after her birth.

As the future king approaches his first birthday, we look at some of the options the Cambridges will be considering for their son and heir's education.

Acorn Nursery

Those in the know reckon this prestigious private nursery close to Kensington Palace might be the Cambridges' top choice for George. With a reputation as a stepping stone to top public schools, as well as being close to the family's residence in Kensington Palace.

All of that comes at a price, though - at last count, fees stood at £2,200 per term. Although we're sure the royals won't have to go digging down the back of the settee to find it...

St Andrew's School

Kate's first experience of nursery was an Englis -language nursery in Amman, Jordan, while parents Carole and Michael Middleton were working for British Airways in the Arab nation. However, on their return in 1986, she was enrolled at fee-paying St Andrew's School, near the family home in Berkshire.

Kate thrived at the school, where she performed in school shows and was voted 'Best Sportswoman'. Her glowing memories of the school are in sharp contrast with her later experiences of bullying at girls' school Downe House. Perhaps she will want to give her son the same happy start in life?

They could always try our school finder!

Wetherby School

Prince William's first taste of education was at the now-defunct Jane Mynors' Nursery. In 1987, however, aged five, he started 'pre-prep' at the nearby Wetherby School - joined, two years later, by brother Harry.

Like Kate, he has fond memories of this period of his life, becoming well-known to classmates for his talents at swimming, singing and horsemanship.

William made history when he toddled into Jane Mynors' preschool in 1985 - he was the first heir to the British throne not to spend his first years of education inside Buckingham Palace.

But perhaps William, who reportedly often complained of press intrusion in his schooldays, will choose to return to tradition and educate his son at home - and away from the glare of the media - for the first few years of his life?