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Why Adele Is Right To Keep Mum About Her Baby's Name

Why Adele is right to keep mum about her baby's name

I love Adele for not telling the world her baby's name.

In these days of over-sharing every tiny detail of your child's life - beginning with the obligatory scan pics posted on Facebook - Adele's approach to her child's privacy is completely refreshing, and I reckon some of us non-celebrity mums could learn a thing or two from her.

Adele and fiancé Simon Konecki reportedly welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world on October 19 but thus far the 24-year-old singer has remained tight lipped about her little one's name. Indeed, the proud new parents didn't even confirm reports pertaining to their baby's arrival; her spokesman simply said: "We are not releasing a statement at this time. No comment."

But, seemingly desperate to write anything about Adele's progeny, newspapers have thus far claimed that the new mum was slapped with a fine for failing to register her son's birth and reported that she refused to divulge her son's name when quizzed on it following her appearance at the Golden Globes.

She's meant to have said: "It's too personal and intimate," but later let slip that she mainly calls him by a nickname anyway. "I just call him Little Peanut," she is purported to have said.

All of which has sent the media into overdrive, with the Daily Mail resorting to frenzied efforts to scrutinise Adele's choice of jewellery in a bid to be the first to break the news regarding what the heck she's called that baby.

Why do we care?

Seriously, is it any wonder Adele saw fit to ask her fans to respect her privacy when she finally announced her pregnancy just four months shy of her due date? With all this fuss and furore I applaud her for refusing to tow the celebrity line, and asserting the importance of her own privacy.

(However if she pops up in the pages of Hello with 17 pages devoted to snaps of her son and indulgent droning on about his name I resolutely reserve the right to retract all this. Please, Adele, no. You're better than that.)

And I'll concede that Adele's decision to tell the world that her son is affectionately known as Little Peanut was perhaps a thoughtless move - I reckon trying to live that down in years to come is going to be way more difficult for the little guy than it would ever be for his mother to come to terms with the world knowing his real name.

But I love the message Adele is sending to the world through her refusal to divulge something as sacred as the name she's chosen for her son - who, after all, hasn't asked for fame.


Why should a famous person's child be thrust into the spotlight and made into a celebrity-by-proxy? And why shouldn't Adele assert the right to retain a private life, the details of which aren't for public consumption?


We're too quick to parade every detail of our children's lives for the entertainment of the masses - and I count myself as guilty of that crime too. From tweets about the funny things our kids say and do, to pithy Facebook status updates that risk cheapening our children's moments of innocent naivety by turning them into a sort of public property, we're in danger of sacrificing the next generation's privacy before they're even old enough to understand what it is we've given away. So let's do our kids a favour, and bring privacy back in fashion.

It doesn't matter what Adele has called her baby boy. What matters is that she values her son's privacy, and so should we.

What do you think?

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