14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Why We Can't Lose Our Libraries

Books Or Kindles...Is That The Question?

So, the news filtered through, slowly, hinting, dripping like a weakly turned tap at first.

It just didn't go away.

Usually rumours come and go quite quickly...not this one...

Then the drip...drip...drip...of information came as a great flood when the dam walls were pulled apart, and, by all accounts, thousands of people's livelihoods.

It was happening again. CUT BACKS.

This time in the libraries.

Now, I am, and always have been a huge fan of books and libraries in general.

It began when I was a child, preschool, my parents and grandparents taking me to the library to choose my books. The excitement I felt was fantastic, which books would it be this time, AND I was allowed three! I remember poring over the book boxes and looking at the thousands of pretty pictured covers, longingly looking down the the 'bigger girl' categories where they didn't have pictures and thinking you must be fantastic to be able to read those.

Then the fantastic school holiday schemes, craft fairs, story telling sessions. All held in the library, me sitting enjoying the drawing, colouring, cutting, sticking, painting, listening while my parents chose their books.

The trips to the library with the school class, giggling with friends for just being out of school.

Feeling great when you got your own tickets.

Now I go with my own children.

Yes, they have the ipad/kindle/laptop, but there's nothing like the good old vibe of the dusty library, with the certain smell of old books and the feel of borrowing a book. It helps to teach them to borrow, the book doesn't belong to them, they must look after is, read it, and return it on time, so as not to accrue a teaches them too!

It's part of life, learning and the whole experience of this iconic service, which very, very few people have no experience of.

It's so sad. I don't know anyone who has stopped using the service, everyone I have spoken to is devastated that we are losing such a prestigious service. However, none more so that people I know well who have jobs in the service, and some at an age where if they find themselves unemployed, will struggle to find something else.

I do understand that not all libraries are closing, but many are, and many of those that aren't are having their hours cut. This is going to take so many library buildings away from the public.

Why are we still hearing of so many cuts to services that are invaluable.

I am so sad that my local library will be closing its doors, in time, never to open again.

I'm so sad that my children won't grow to remember this wonderful service in all it's glory.

Kate is a wife of one and mother to three little rascals, enjoying life, and still trying to jump over all those hurdles it keep sending!

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