14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Got Pregnant 'To Have Tummy Tuck On NHS'

Mum-to-be admits she got pregnant to have tummy tuck on NHS

A woman has made a shocking admission that she got pregnant just to have a tummy tuck on the NHS.

Siobhan Leighton, 29, admitted to The Sun that it was a 'terrible choice' but said she was 'desperate' to do something about her 'disgusting body'.

The mum-to-be slimmed down from a massive 22-stone to a svelte 10-stone thanks to a gastric band - and now wants to rid her 5' 2" frame of the excess belly flab which hangs down to her thighs.

Speaking to the paper from her Glasgow home, jobless Siobhan revealed that her former partner has now left her, and that she might put their baby up for adoption once it is born.

"Having a kid to get the body I want seemed like an easy decision to make - but pregnancy is harder than I thought," she said.

Siobhan confessed that she had made the decision to become pregnant after being informed by an NHS psychologist that tummy tucks were seldom given to young women without children because of the complications the procedure can cause in pregnancy.

"I spoke to a specialist who confirmed the NHS is more likely to approve a tummy tuck if you've finished having children," Siobhan said. "As soon as they started explaining that having the surgery and then getting pregnant could be dangerous and run risks of ruining their work, I made my decision."

Siobhan claims her partner at the time 'agreed' to her plans, and six months later, she discovered she was expecting.

Now surviving on just £70 a week unemployment support allowance and housing benefits, Siobhan says she has not made any plans for life after her baby's birth, but has '
contemplated putting her up for adoption'.

She says she hopes to have the tummy tuck operation within the next 11 months.