14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Got So Drunk In Pub She Forgot About 'Home Alone' Child

Woman got so drunk in pub she forgot about 'home alone' child

A woman has escaped prison despite admitting she left a child alone in a house while she got drunk in a pub.

In fact, Ruth Evans was so plastered she couldn't remember where the child was and police had to use her satnav to find the child.

Thankfully, the child was unhamed and asleep on the sofa. Canterbury Crown Court heard that Ruth Evans, 41, abandoned the youngster as she joined a drinking session at a pub in High Halden, Kent.

She became so aggressive she bared her teeth at the landlady of the Chequers Inn who then called police.

As she was being driven into custody Evans revealed she had left a child alone in a house - but could not remember where it was.

They looked up the directions on her satnav and luckily found the child unharmed and asleep.

Evans escaped prison as she admitted cruelty to a child, being in charge of a car while unfit through drink and an assault on the police officer.

Prosecutor Jim Harvey said Evans went to the pub last June asking to buy bottles of wine. She drank a half-pint of shandy and then started to share one of the bottles of wine that she had bought with some customers.

After some time she was told the bar was closing but then become abusive and aggressive.

Sentencing her to 150 hours of unpaid community work, Judge James O'Mahony told Evans: "What you did was very serious because you abandoned this child to go off drinking. You must surely be thoroughly ashamed of your behaviour that night.

"I accept you have had a pretty miserable time as far as your life is concerned but you can't use your utter drunkenness as some kind of crutch."