Women 'Own' The Washing Machine And Dishwasher. Really?

For all the progress we've made in equality, women still 'own' the washing machine and dishwasher - because men can't stand them!

At least that's what I've just read in a rather trying-too-hard press release from a company that has identified a new phenomenon (aka made up) called Applianceaphobia. (You gotta admire the effort these guys put into dreaming up these things).

What it says is women 'prefer' to be in control of the white goods in the home while men 'shy away' from the washing machine and dishwasher.

The 'Applianceaphobia Study', by electrical retailer www.ao.com, she has never engaged me in hand-to-hand combat for ownership of any of the above, either – despite what 'head of brand', Yossi Erdman, thinks.

Here's what he says, and perhaps even believes: "Traditionally, there have always been certain appliances and gadgets that men avoid and it seems this is still the case.

"Even though most men can confidently set up a wireless router or sort the timer and thermostat on the central heating without any problems, they still avoid going anywhere near the washing machine.

"However, they are making up for their lack of skill around domestic appliances by taking responsibility numerous household 'entertainment gadgets' which, according to our research leave many women perplexed.

"But this shouldn't be the case nowadays As more and more tech makes its way into the modern home, today's appliances have become so user-friendly there really is no reason for anyone to not be able to figure them out.

"'Also, with the advent of the connected home just around the corner, both genders need to put aside their applianceaphobia as soon they will have no choice other than to embrace new technologies."

Yossi, I love you fella. You are a sage and a God and someone who has a regard for appliances bordering on fixation: applianceaphilia, if you will.

Come round to my place some time: I've got a JLDW1221 that would love to meet you.

Top 10 appliances/gadgets women take control of (allegedly):

1. Washing machine

2. Microwave

3. Vacuum cleaner

4. Tumble dryer

5. Toaster

6. Food mixer/blender

7. Iron

8. Dishwasher

9. Grill

10. PC/Laptop

Top 10 appliances and gadgets men take control of (allegedly):

1. Bluetooth

2. Central heating timer

3. Central heating thermostat

4. PC/Laptop

5. Digital TV

6. Digital camera

7. DVD player

8. Wireless routers

9. Sat nav

10. Games consoles

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