14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

World Cup WAGS: Has Their Moment Passed?

As Coleen Rooney stepped off a private jet in Rio this week, there was relatively little fanfare to herald her arrival to the 2014 World Cup. England's most famous WAG was here and ready to cheer - but so what?

Once this would have been an all-singing, all-dancing obvious front page snap for every tabloid but instead it felt strangely lacklustre and insignificant. Later, she cut a solitary figure at the pool of her hotel.

Coleen Rooney

This would be no big deal if at one point, footballers' wives and girlfriends hadn't been such a focal point of the World Cup. Those 2006 images of a spray-tanned, big-boobed, hot-pant-ed Victoria Beckham in Baden-Baden capture the moment of the WAG so succinctly, they border on iconic.

In 2014, can anyone even name a handful of the England players' WAGs? Rooney is the last of that stick by your man and top up your tan crew still standing.

Thanks to numerous tabloid scandals and cheating footballers, the moment of WAG has officially passed. Also, these days you don't need an England player to live the lifestyle so many women once wanted.

Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings says: "With things like The Only Way Is Essex, you can be a WAG-alike without actually putting yourself through the pressure of being a footballer's wife or girlfriend."

Victoria Beckham

She added: "Being a WAG has lost its cache - it just doesn't seem like a very good thing anymore. You see Coleen Rooney arriving in Rio to support Wayne, while his ex-prostitute gets more famous in the Big Brother house. Who would want that?"

Kelly Allen - assistant editor of Star magazine - agrees times have changed and with this, interest in WAGs has waned.

At one point, everyone wanted to know about footballers and their WAGS or wanted to be one," she says. "You'd go to the big clubs - Amika and China White - and guys like Teddy Sheringham and Shaun Wright-Phillips would be surrounded by girls. Shaun was always in the middle of it all.

Allen - who worked on various tabloids at the height of WAG fever - met many women intent on bagging a football-ing boyfriend themselves.

Victoria Beckham's 40th birthday

"A lot of the girls grew up wanting to be WAGS and for them it was a very aspirational thing," she says. "They'd seen people like Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney so transformed by this incredible lifestyle and they wanted that for themselves."

However - like Hemmings - Allen believes WAG life has been tainted by too many cheating scandals and the public's interest has transferred back to the main event of the World Cup - the beautiful game.

"People are less interested in who the England WAGs actually are these days, they just want to enjoy football.

"Cheryl left Ashley, the bubble burst and actually it was revealed to be a life that's not that glamorous at all. Plus, WAG is so derogatory now - it's not something most girls want to be."

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