14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

World's Oldest Mum: Having A Baby At 70 Keeps Me Alive

World's oldest mum: Having a baby at 70 helps me live longer

The world's oldest mum has said giving birth when she was 70 years old has helped her live longer.

Rajo Devi Lohan caused a global stir when she had daughter Naveen, now five, following controversial IVF treatment in 2008.

But despite a bout of ill-health, Rajo has proved her critics wrong after they said she was too old to raise a child.

The mum-of-one now says her final wish of seeing Naveen marry is giving her the strength to fight on.

Rajo said: "The only reason I am still alive in spite of my illness is Naveen.

"She is a gift to me from God and until I get her married I cannot afford to die.

"I will get her married when she turns 15-years-old, but until then I simply cannot die."

Rajo was so desperate for a baby that she took out loans to pay for the £2,000 fertility treatment.

Now aged 74, she said: "When I used to look around and see children, my heart felt sad that I couldn't have one - I desperately wanted to have a child of my own.

"Everyone celebrated when she was born. The villagers were very happy and every one came to see her."

After giving birth to Naveen, the pensioner fell ill and almost died from complications related to her IVF.

But Rajo, who lives with her daughter in the remote village of Hissar, India, with her husband Ballo and his second, younger wife Umi, battled back and has even outlived the doctor who supported her.

Despite entering her advancing years, Rajo isn't worried about Naveen's future when she dies.

She said her only child's future is 'secure' and Naveen stands to inherit all her property which includes 566,280 sq ft of land.

The energetic five-year-old, who attends the local village primary school, enjoys a close bond with her mum.

Naveen said: "I love my mother very much. I also love my father but I love my mother more than him."