Would You Let Your Children Use Chocolate Toothpaste?

Here's an idea you might find hard to swallow. Forget candyfloss-flavoured grapes, there's a new sweet-tooth treat in town - in the form of chocolate-flavoured toothpaste.

Yes, a range of toothpaste from Theodent is promising squeaky clean teeth and a yummy chocolate taste to boot.

The luxury oral care brand uses an extract from the cacao plant instead of traditional fluoride. While it might sound all bit far-fetched, Theodent claims it's just as good as regular toothpaste, but comes with a tasty flavour of chocolate - which might encourage young children to brush as often as they should.

While the toothpaste might sound like a winner, it does come with a hefty price tag - the super-strength Theodent 300 for adults is a whopping £61 per tube.

However, for a more purse-friendly £6 you can snap up Theodent Kids. According to the brand's website, the children's version is '100-75 kid-friendly and not harmful if swallowed."

So, would you try it with your kids? Theodent Kids is available online and in selected Whole Food stores, naturally.