14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Would You Take 'Menstrual Leave' To Deal With Bad Periods?

While we weren't even aware "menstrual leave" was a thing, the internet is currently trying to answer the following question: do women deserve paid "menstrual leave" for the days when severe period cramps and irritability distract from the day's tasks?

In a handful of East Asian countries, paid leave is a legal right for female workers to use when their period pain gets in the way of work. Japan adopted menstrual leave just after World War II, so why are we discussing the issue now?

Last year Taiwan brought in new menstrual leave legislation which guarantees female workers three days off each year to deal with the side effects of Aunt Flo. This is in addition to 30 days half-paid sick leave allotted to all workers after politicians claimed the lack of a female-specific law was a violation of women's basic rights.

But do we need something similar in the UK? While journalist Catherine Bennett writes for The Guardian "femaleness is not actually an illness," singer Macy Gray (randomly) wants to see similar legislation instated in America.

Everyone's period is different, and yes, sometimes you may find yourself forced to take the day off work because you just can't unravel from the fetal position. However, we're not convinced us girls being granted period leave would necessarily be a positive development.

Women's news website asked their readers what they thought of menstrual leave - and we're pretty impressed with their logic.

"In all honesty, it's a very sweet gesture but the only thing I can think of is the blatant inequality in the career industry," wrote one.

They added: "I feel that they will hire Billy over Sasha because they will not have to pay Billy to play catch up on the work that he missed. OR, they'll hire Sasha but not at the rate they had in mind for Billy. Also to accept that week off or that less pay is accepting that you're you are not equal to a man but inferior."

Another concluded: "I wouldn't like it. It's condescending in a way, like, 'Oh you're a woman so you probably need time off since you get crazy during that time of the month'."

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