You Can't Hit People Because You Want Pancakes! (Video)

What's the stupidest thing your toddlers have ever started a fight over? Whatever it is, you'll find it hard to beat this confused youngster, who smacked his brother in the head because he couldn't have any pancakes.

Jim Smith filmed himself driving his girlfriend's three-year-old son and two friends, brothers Aiden and Connor. Six-year-old Aiden is crying because his little brother just punched him in the head, and Jim is determined to get to the bottom of the conflict.

"Connor, why'd you hit Aiden?" he demands. The answer is probably not what you'd expect.

"Because I want pancakes!" Connor wails.

"You can't punch people because you want pancakes!" Jim cries incredulously, as both boys snivel in the back of the car. Even if, as Connor tries to argue, you 'really want some'.

Hilariously, the young miscreant remains optimistic about his chances of obtaining pancakes. "I'm getting pancakes?" he asks, and you can almost taste Jim's satisfaction as he shuts Connor down with a curt 'no'.

The response is predictable - a despairing wail that will be familiar to any parent of a toddler.

The video only appeared on YouTube yesterday, but has already racked up a quarter of a million views, which shows it has obviously struck a nerve with parents who have had to lay down the law over issues they never thought they'd have to address.

As one viewer commented, quoting comedian Brian Regan: "You get to say sentences, when you're a parent, that people without kids would never get to say."