14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Young Shoplifters Use Tumblr To Brag About Their Thefts - Really!

Shoplifters are using photo sharing website Tumblr to boast about and show off the things they've stolen. True story.

The Bling Ring-like community of young female shoplifters has been rumbled by a fellow Tumblr user who goes by the handle We Unhallowed.

"Have stumbled upon a circle of teenage shoplifters on Tumblr," she wrote on the site while sharing a list of users she'd uncovered. "It's hilarious. They post pictures of everything they steal and call them 'hauls'."

According to Jezebel, before they were "outed," members of the ring would share tips about how to get away with stealing things, suggestions about which tools they could use for removing security devices (like magnets and hooks) and lists of places that are easy to shoplift from.

But not only this, they had their own list of "commandments", with user Shopthrifters posting the following list to stick to:

1. Thou shalt not judge other's hauls or techniques
2. Thou shalt not be a snitch
3. Thou shalt support fellow lifter's endeavours and answer questions when possible
4. Thou shalt not steal from small businesses
5. Thou shalt not get caught
6. Thou shalt be a bad bitch

Considering points 4 and 6 in particular, it seems the "lifter" moral compass is a little out of whack. One user even wrote: "I don't lift because I need to, I lift because it's fun and it's a challenge. I like to brag about it here because I don't have anyone else to talk to about it."

Another said: "I get that people don't agree with my choices, but it's my choice, and I have my own justifications for it. No, I don't feel guilty about it. The only time I feel anything is when I get the money in my bank from selling shit on ebay."

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