This Video Shows How Much Damage The Sun Is Doing To Your Skin

This Video Proves Why You Should Wear Suncream (If Any Were Needed)

While healthy sun exposure carries its fair share of benefits - vitamin D is linked to improved mental and physical health - merciless tanning and painful sunburn can lead to premature ageing and serious health problems.

But still people slack on the suncream.

Trouble by this phenomenon, artist Thomas Leveritt took to the streets to show people the true cost of tanning.

With the help of a ultraviolet (UV) light, Thomas showed a selection of strangers the effect that sun exposure had on their skin - changes that are almost undetectable in natural light.

The participants were (understandably) shocked and intrigued by the marking on their faces.

And so Thomas took the opportunity by asking "if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already".

They did, and you won't believe what happened next...