15/08/2014 07:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Rubs Breasts With Fresh Veg To Make Them Grow. Yes, Really

A lot of women with small boobs will try anything to make them bigger. But this is a first on us.


One Japanese vlogger (video blogger), called Ryoko, has tried numerous ways to boost her boobs in a series of YouTube videos. Her 28th try sees her rubbing fresh summer vegetables around her chest in order to give it extra chutzpah.

Viewers can see her pick an aubergine, which just so happens to appear at the top of the screen, and start rubbing it around her lady lumps.

She then gets a tomato from her 'magical mammary' plant and holds it aloft as she continues her important work with the aubergine. She then swaps the two over, and holds the aubergine up high while helping her boobs to 'grow' with the tomato.

According to translators at Rocket News, Ryoko says: "Summer vegetables, which have grown under the influence of the summer sun, are thought to have very good properties for breast enhancement."

Slightly oddly, she then also decides that all that effort has made her a bit peckish, and starts munching the end of the aubergine.

None of her other 27 attempts at 'growing the girls' seem to have worked, and unfortunately we can't predict a high success rate for the 28th take.

What we can say is that all boobs are beautiful, big or small, and that if you do want a little extra now and again, there's nothing a bit of padding can't sort out.

It's a lot less cringe-worthy - and a lot more effective.

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