17/08/2014 08:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Could A Rihanna And Beyonce Single Be Coming Our Way?

This is too exciting! Rihanna and Beyoncé are rumoured to be working on a new track together, set for imminent release. Well, not a totally new track - the release would be a version of 'Blow' which already features on Bey's self-titled 2013 album.

The rumours were started after a listing was posted on music rights database ASCAP to register the track, which name-drops both divas.

Now, Rihanna's name is spelt wrong on the listing, which means it could be a fake, but then again, there are other previous listings for real RiRi tracks with her name also misspelt. So we have our fingers crossed this isn't all a hoax.

The two have been rumoured to be rivals in the past, but as the two fiercest ladies in the charts, it makes total sense for them to team for a sure-fire mega hit.

Bey recently gave her track 'Flawless' the same treatment by collaborating with Nikki Minaj. It featured a new solo verse for Nikki, and Bey changed up some of the lyrics in order to incorporate some lines hinting about her views on the Solange/Jay-Z lift incident.

With rumours of her split with the rapper rife of late, Bey has done everything to pacify them (from posting family snaps on Instagram to ones of her wearing a 'Carter' basketball jersey, and little else) so we wonder if she'll attempt to have the last word on the matter on this track?

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SOURCE: Digital Spy