'Celebrity Big Brother': White Dee Swaps 'Benefits Street' For Buckingham Palace, Becoming Deirdre, The Duchess Of Solihull (PICS)

Check Out White Dee's Royal Transformation

Benefits Street’ resident White Dee was at the centre of this year’s first ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ twist when she headed into the house on Monday night.

She might be best known as one of the dole-dwellers from the hit Channel 4 series which aired earlier this year, but as part of the first ‘CBB’ task of the new series, Dee was required to undergo a shocking transformation and convince her new American housemates that she was actually a member of the British Royal Family.

White Dee enters the 'CBB' house

Dee was whisked away from the house shortly after her entrance so she could enjoy a brisk makeover and re-enter the house as Deirdre, the Duchess of Solihull, in an attempt to con US film star Gary Busey, reality heavyweight Angelique “Frenchy” Logan and ‘Will and Grace’ actor Leslie Jordan.

If Dee manages to fool the American stars for the next 24 hours with her disguise - and a little helping hand from her fellow Brits, who are also in on the act - she’ll win a luxury shopping budget for the whole house. If not, they’ll be reduced to basic rations, which we’re sure will go down about as well as a ‘Benefits Street’ marathon at Katie Hopkins’s house.

Dee admitted to presenter Emma Willis that she wasn’t feeling altogether confident with her secret task. When asked whether she thought she’d be successful, she admitted: “I doubt it very much, I wasn’t ready for it the first time!”

Dee returns to the house under the guise of Deirdre, Duchess of Solihull

Among this year’s contestants include Kelly Brook’s muscleman fiancé David McIntosh, ex-‘TOWIE’ cast member Lauren Goodger and former boxing manager Kellie Maloney, who was at the centre of a media storm earlier this month when she officially came out as a transgender woman.


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