18/08/2014 07:45 BST | Updated 18/08/2014 07:59 BST

Helen Flanagan Reveals Vast Underwear Collection... Which Includes 'Nipple Tassles And Studded Whip'

Helen Flanagan has got her fans a little hot under the collar by revealing that her collection of sexy underwear is getting out of hand.

The publicity-shy former ‘Coronation Street’ actress has discussed her ever-expanding hoard of lingerie in an interview with The Sun’s TV magazine, and it’s safe to say that she’s slightly past the stage of a single underwear drawer.

Helen Flanagan

Helen explained: “Some people have a drawer of underwear, I have tons of it.

“I have pretty much bought every set of underwear Agent Provocateur has ever made and most of it is in [my boyfriend] Scott [Sinclair]’s house.

“I’ve got loads of stuff from nipple tassels to this amazing diamond studded whip from Agent Provocateur.”

The actress, who is due to appear in an episode of ‘Holby City’ on Tuesday night, also spoke about an embarrassing mishap that left her red-faced, when her footballer boyfriend’s mum helped her sort out some of her things.

She said: “It was getting so embarrassing when Scott’s mum was helping me clear out stuff and all you could see was underwear and this whip. I was getting really flustered, saying: ‘Honestly, I bought it for a shoot’.

“And I did! But I kept it because I love it. Scott’s mum is lovely and she knows what I’m like so she just laughed.”

Earlier this month, Helen revealed that she and Scott want to have a child together before they tied the knot, adding: “We are not planning kids right now but if happens it happens and if I were to fall pregnant, I’d be really happy.”

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