18/08/2014 08:34 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is Pixie Lott Getting Married?

Pixie Lott is rarely seen without her long-term boyfriend Oliver Cheshire - and it sounds an engagement announcement might be on the way.


26-year-old model Cheshire spoke about his future with Pixie, 23, in the Louder Lounge (it's the swanky VIP area) at V Festival on Saturday.

When the Mirror asked Oliver if he had plans to pop the question to his girlfriend of four years, he said, "We're both very career driven but soon. Obviously I'd love to marry her. I love her."

Aahhh. And he's got his favourite baby names picked out too. Talk about planning ahead.


"I'd love kids with her, of course," Oliver revealed. "All my family have got loads of kids. "That's what we're on the planet to do. I'd like three or four. And I like the name Rupert for a boy."

Although he's ready to settle down with his future wife, Oliver doesn't have high hopes for Pixie in the kitchen department.

"I'm the cook! She can't cook. She's cooked me like two dinners in four years, I think," he said.

"I wanted sausage and mash - I thought it was an easy one. And chicken in a bag!"

Perhaps Pixie will follow in this royal's footsteps if she does tie the knot with Oliver - the Duchess of Cambridge recently attended a £1,600 two-week cookery course with celebrity chef Rachel Khoo.

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