North Koreans Love Downloading Porn. Oh, And Top Gear.

A company which tracks Bit Torrent downloads has discovered a number of illegal requests originating from North Korea-- and the findings are, well, intriguing.

Scan Eye has discovered that episodes of Modern Family and Top Gear have all been downloaded in the secretive country, along with a selection of Japanese porn films and some video games including Far Cry 3.

The revelation wasfirst reported by the Telegraph after it used ScanEye to list the requests that were being made by North Korean IP Addresses.

At least 178 downloads have been made in total, and seem to originate around a number of North Korean governmental buildings including the Ministry for Metal and the Pyongyang International Communications Centre -- though that is likely because the PICC is the central point for all traffic coming into and out of the country.

Speaking to the Telegraph, torrent expert Ernesto Van Der Sar thinks that all the downloads are genuine finding it unlikely that people would want to re-route their downloads through North Korea.

If they are real then Martyn Willians, editor of the North Korean tech blog, believes that the majority of the downloads aren't actually being made by North Koreans. Instead he points the blame at tourists and visiting journalists.

"If any of it is real, I expect it's foreigners in Pyongyang. But I really wonder whether people would be bothered to torrent and if the bandwidth would support it."