Who The Heck Is Alex Mytton? Get To Know The Made In Chelsea Star

So, this new hunky dude waltzed onto our telly screens in June 2013. His name is Alex Mytton and he's certainly not a stranger in Chelsea, oh no. Here's a recap of Alex's MIC history:


He's the long-term ex of Phoebe Lettice, who dated the lothario for three years and even went travelling with him during his "shit phase". But Alex really came into the spotlight on the show when he started dating Binky Felstead.

However, soon after he finally said the l-word, Alex and Binky's relationship was rocked by rumours of his cheating. Sadly for Binks, these rumours turned out to be true.

He even reduced Jamie Laing to tears in New York when it was revealed Alex had been hooking up with Jamie's ex-girlfriend Tara back in London. Shock, horror.

While it looks like Alex's MIC career is officially over (he was last seen looking very sorry for himself outside an airport in NYC), it's still worth knowing these juicy facts about Chelsea's famous philanderer...

He's a smarty pants

He totes went to university. Oxford Brookes to be exact.

He's got beef with Spenny

Well, who hasn't got a bone to pick with Spencer Matthews? Alex's relationship with Spenny didn't get off to a good start when he started chirpsing on his beloved Lucy Watson last year.

The rumours were true - he's a dirty dawg

Rumour has it he played away during his three-year relationship with Phoebe - some things don't change.

He used to have long hair

Which is sweet and kind of explains why he's still finding his feet styling those short tresses.

He's on Twitter

From the looks of it he's got a penchant for #ThrowbackThursdays. Go follow him... Now.

He's a DJ/producer

Listen to his "first original track" on Alex's soundcloud page.

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