Alternative Contraception: Young People Using Cling Film, Sandwich Bags And Latex Gloves In The Bedroom

When HuffPost UK Lifestyle think back to our sex education - awkward teachers waggling condoms around at the front of the class, while talking about blow jobs and STIs - we admit it was painful, but we're sure grateful that we were paying attention.

Because if a recent survey on contraception is anything to go by, there are some vital gaps in the nation's sex knowledge - and they need to be addressed, fast.

According to the survey of 1,500 British women aged 25-34 by Bayer Healthcare, some people are using cling film, sandwich bags and latex gloves as contraception instead of condoms or other methods.

Let that sink in for a moment...

Other alarming findings included that one in ten women believed it was impossible to get pregnant during your period, while 30% had needed to take the morning after pill.

The findings highlighted the need for better communication between GPs and young female patients. According to the results only 58% had fully explored all of the contraceptive options with their doctor.

As a result, many women are taking the pill (which accounts for nearly half of the women surveyed) simply as a "default" option, as there is a lack of awareness of alternative methods.

Natika Halil, director of health and wellbeing at sexual health charity FPA, told MailOnline: "This research highlights some important knowledge gaps and misconceptions that continue to exist around contraception.

"At FPA, our aim is to encourage positive conversations between women and healthcare professionals to ensure that all methods are communicated and any myths are accurately dispelled."

We've highlighted some common contraception myths in the slideshow below and for more information visit the FPA website.


Contraception Myths Explained